Taken in Seattle at Local 360. I love Seattle.
Jacob Coakley

I grew up in a house filled with computers and Playbills. Learning to code was as much a right a passage as learning your lines for the school play. 

This led to an internship at the Manhattan Theatre Club in New York City, where I eventually became Network Systems Administrator. I later joined Berkeley Repertory Theatre in the same capacity and built their first website. After studying sound at San Francisco State University I worked as a sound designer for independent theatres and films throughout the Bay Area. 

I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2005 with a degree in English. While there I was awarded a Haas Fellowship to study the impact computer and video technology can have on narrative in theatre. The resulting play, Authentic, was later part of the Seven Devils Playwrights Conference. 

In 2006 I joined Timeless Communications, publishers of live-event industry magazines and was named editor-in-chief of Stage Directions magazine in 2007. As a freelance writer my work has appeared in The Las Vegas Weekly, BLVDS Magazine, Desert Companion and more.  In 2017 my play The Stars of Drazith was a part of Nevada Conservatory Theatre’s Homegrown Playwrights Festival. 

Currently located in Los Angeles, I have studied at Script Anatomy, online in Jen Grisanti’s Tele-Seminar, and at Pilar Alessandra’s On the Page Studios. 

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